1. Village Sports Bar, Hodan District, Mogadishu

  2. Mogadishu Port

  3. Jaziira Beach


  4. 7 Reasons Why Somali is Harder Than Your Language

  5. somalisarebeautiful:

    Look at all the Somali Hoyos rocking their garbarsar!

    They’re so colorful.

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  6. Merca is an ancient port city on the coast of southern Somalia. It faces the Indian Ocean and is located approximately 70 km (43 mi) southwest of the nation’s capital, Mogadishu.

    (Somaliweyn/ Wikimedia, 2011)


  7. Did you know the Somali Constitution of 1970’s recognized freedom of religion.

    Photo: Italian- Christians living in Somalia attend church service.

  8. Italian tourists in Mogadishu - 1980s.


  9. "

    Places I’ve been! Yay! But, just an FYI Laas Geel is in Somaliland. Even if Somaliland is not technically a country, the people who live there do not consider themselves part of Somalia. It is a de facto sovereign state. Laas Geel is such a source of pride for the country that it would be considered very offensive to them to hear someone say Laas Geel is located anywhere other than in Somaliland.

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    Thank you for the commentary.

    I will clarify way Laas Geel is a source of pride for both Somaliand and  Somalia.

    There are many semi-autonomous sovereign states in Somalia. Some more autonomous than others to varying degrees. They include the more popular Puntland, Somaliland, Galmudug and many lesser known regions. Despite differences in their strong clan-based political affiliations, they are all a part of Somalia. The international community at large in addition to most Somalis consider Somaliland a territory of Somalia. The is why you won’t find Somaliland on any modern-day map of countries. 

    An analogy to consider:

    If local Texans wanted to be annexed from America and considered it to be very offensive to hear Texas mentioned as a US state would that make Texas its own country? I don’t think so. Logic shows Texas is part of America just like Somaliland is part of Somalia.

  10. Did you know - Somalia has the highest rate of top models, from Africa.

    Yasmin Warsame rocking a classic Guntiino at TIFF 2012


  11. Ancient Somalis were Macrobians a civilization that existed during the 1st millenium BC

    Herodotus, the Greek historian reports  Macrobians as having mastered longevity, with the average Macrobian living until the age of 120. They were said to be the "tallest and handsomest of all men"

    The Macrobians were part of an expanse of related peoples, kinsmen of the Ancient Egyptians, that inhabited an area stretching from East Africa northward into Egypt and North Africa. At the same time, they were reported as being physically distinct from the general inhabitants of the region below the Sahara


    Macrobia was also noted for its gold, which was so plentiful that the Macrobians shackled their prisoners in golden chains.



    1. ^ The Geography of Herodotus: Illustrated from Modern Researches and Discoveries by James Talboys Wheeler pg 528


  12. Laas Geel is a complex of caves and rock shelters in northwestern Somalia decorated with pre-historic (Neolithic) paintings dating all the back somewhere between 15,000 to 8000 BC

    The paintings show ancient humans of the area raising their hands and worshipping humpless cows wearing ceremonial robes with large lyre-shaped horns.

    (Ariadne Van Zandbergen)

  13. Snapshot of Mogadishu during the 1980’s

    (Claudio Viezzoli) 

  15. Berbera beach, northern Somalia